[NFBMO] A New Way to Finance Assistive Technology to Start Soon.

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Thu Sep 6 22:14:31 UTC 2018

I got this from another list and thought you’d be interested.


      With Fresh Start! 






                                A New Assistive Technology Financing Option


                                MoAT is seeking participants for a new loan program starting in October called Fresh Start. 



                                Fresh Start is intended to help Missouri residents with poor or no credit improve their credit so they can successfully obtain assistive technology through the Show Me Loans.






                                The ideal participant is someone who may:

                                ·     Have medical bills in collections

                                ·     Have inaccurate data on their credit history

                                ·     Be behind on monthly payments

                                ·     Have items in collections that don't look familiar

                                ·     Needs to control their monthly budget

                                ·     Not have a credit footprint.



                                Participants must commit to:

                                ·     Bi-weekly phone calls with our certified Financial Counselor

                                ·     Complete credit improvement tasks over a 9 month period.

                                ·     Save a manageable monthly amount toward their Show Me Loan.

                                ·     Wanting to improve their credit footprint.

                                ·     Intending to finance assistive technology at the end of the 9 month period.



                                If interested, call by October 1, 2018 for more information about the Fresh Start Loan Program. Call our office today at 1-800-647-8557 or 816-655-6702 and ask for Show Me Loans, Fresh Start.


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                                Contact Us Now





                                Missouri Assistive Technology | 1501 NW Jefferson St ., Blue Springs, MO 64015 | 816-655-6700 | ebelton at mo-at.org | www.at.mo.gov

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