[NFBMO] silence!

Gary Wunder GWunder at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 12 14:10:15 UTC 2018

I can only respond to one part of Bryan's message. I hope that not
everything has been moved to Facebook. I am not an active Facebook user. I
am not critical of those who like it, but I hate the idea that at one moment
the algorithm will pop up something that I may be interested in, and if I go
back to look for it in three days, I find it virtually impossible to find.
This is not a problem I have with email. So I hope we do not do away with
one of our important resources in preference to another while so many people
still find it of value.

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Can someone tell me if most everything of interest has been moved to

Other than notice of a call from Jenny that I forgot to join, I've seen
nothing of interest on this list for months!

I only heard about a technology day in Columbia from being on a conference
call a few months ago and have heard nothing since.

I asked if that event will be recorded due to attending an annual event in
Illinois and have heard zilch!

Is the blind Missourian data project still wanted?

I made it extremely easy to use and only a few chapter presidents have added
their members and committees and divisions haven't touched their page!

I haven't seen any board meeting notes for 2 years!

Are we running a balloon race?



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