[NFBMO] Announcement of my candidacy for the NFB of Missouri Board of Directors

Cory McMahon cory.j.mcmahon at gmail.com
Sat Mar 7 23:06:36 UTC 2020

Good afternoon, fellow Missouri Federationists and friends:


I'm writing to announce my candidacy for a position on the NFB of Missouri
Board of Directors, and to humbly ask for your support in achieving this


I would consider it an honor and priviledge to serve on the NFB of Missouri
Board of Directors. With this honor and priviledge, however, comes
commitment-not only to attend meetings; but, to assist the federation as
necessary to further our mission. I'm passionate about the work of the
National Federation of the Blind (NFB) of Missouri and, as such, am seeking
to join the state board of Directors to further assist the mission of the
affiliate in improving life for Missouri's, and the nation's blind.


For those who are unaware, I've been a member of the Columbia chapter for
several years and, under the tenure of President Dacia Cole, I chaired an
outreach committee  which developed recommendations for activities in which
our chapter could get involved in the community.


On the affiliate level, I have served for several years on the state-wide
governmental affairs committee. In this role, I have advised the committee
on legislation pending before the Missouri General Assembly, disseminated
information as to how I easily track pending legislation, and provided my
perspective on how best to effectively move the affiliate's priorities and
communicate with members of the legislature.


Also, a couple of years ago, President Wright appointed a committee, chaired
by Gary Wunder, which was tasked with updating/revising the affiliate
bi-laws. I served on this committee, and provided input to, and assisted in
the drafting of, the bi-laws to which the affiliate abides today.


I feel that the activities above demonstrate my commitment to both my
chapter and the affiliate; as such, I, once again, humbly ask for your vote
during the time period of elections at our upcoming state convention to be
held in St. Louis, Missouri.


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me:


Cory McMahon

E-mail: cory.j.mcmahon at gmail.com <mailto:cory.j.mcmahon at gmail.com> 


Telephone: (314) 610-1749.


My name is Cory McMahon, and I approve this message!




Cory McMahon

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