[NFBMO] Cane drivers conference call

amy plumlee olddrumnfb at gmail.com
Tue Mar 10 13:47:32 UTC 2020

Hello All, 

Calling all young adults between the age of 12 to 20. We invite you to join our Cane Drivers group on our first conference call this Sunday March 15th at 7pm

We welcome both ladies and gentleman to the call. Our topics of conversation will include everyone. 

If you know someone in your area or chapter that could benefit from the call please let the know about the group. 

For those of you who may not know about this new group here is some information for you. 
The group named themselves the cane drivers. 
We have meet in person twice. 
Cane drivers decided they wanted a monthly call. 
When we meet in person we have a lot of hands on activities including self defense, cooking, field trips and so much more. 
They have elected a leader and co leader for the group. 

If any of this sounds good to you please pass this info on to those you feel might benefit from it. 
If you have questions feel free to reach out to Amy Wilson at olddrumnfb at gmail.com <mailto:olddrumnfb at gmail.com> 

The call in number for Sundays call is 605-468-8005 access code 2030 

Thank you for your time. 
Amy Wilson 

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