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One of the things we do here in New Jersey is share what we call
the senior corner
I decided to post this one here for all of you
Enjoy and make memories with those beautiful grandkids!
5 Fun Autumn Activities to Do with the Grandkids

There’s something special about the fall and spending time with the
grandkids. Of course, once they’re back to school, finding quality time can
be difficult. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you’ve got some great
autumn activities you can share when you do snag some grandkid time. This
list will get you started in the right direction.

  1.. Make leaf piles – With autumn weather comes fall leaves and falling
leaves. While no one loves raking leaves and cleaning up the yard to prepare
it for winter, making leaf piles and letting your grandkids jump in them can
make the whole process a lot more fun.
You won’t want to forget your camera either as times like this can make
great photo memories. Once the fun part is over, your grandkids can also
help you bag all those leaves or compost them. It will make the task a lot
more fun and it will go faster.

  2.. Go to the pumpkin patch, go on a hayride, or go apple picking – If you’re
wondering what else there is to do with your grandchildren in autumn,
spending some time outdoors is always a great idea since, once winter hits,
you may be stuck inside.
Kids of all ages enjoy going to the pumpkin patch or apple picking. Add a
hayride to end a great day outdoors and you’ll create one of childhood’s
fondest memories.

  3.. Get baking – There’s no need to let all of those pumpkins or apples
you picked together go to waste. Grab your extras and make some pumpkin
bread or even an apple pie. Baking and sharing old recipes are always great
autumn activities for adults and kids alike.
Not to mention, everyone loves to take home some treats like baked apples to
pumpkin pie. Chances are, you have a family favorite recipe or two, and
during autumn it’s a great time to pass them down to your grandkids.

  4.. Decorate fall trees – When looking for outdoor autumn activities for
children, you should consider a favorite pastime of kids or introduce them
to some fun new ideas. One of those activities may be making tree faces. All
it takes is some mud and things you find in your yard such as pinecones,
acorns, or pine needles. The options are endless and you’ll have a fun,
whimsical tree creature to enjoy throughout the fall season.
  5.. Make slime recipes – Why is autumn the best season to have fun with
the grandkids? It’s because it’s a great time to make slime! It’s a fun
indoor activity and homemade slime is all the rage in grade schools these
days, and it’s fun and easy to make.
All it takes some white school glue, borax, food coloring, and water. You
can also add some sparkles to it or whatever tickles your fancy.

If you have been looking for some autumn related things to do with your
grandkids, these five should get you off to a great start. You’ll have a
great time, and will make memories that will last a lifetime — not only for
yourself, but for your grandkids. So what are you waiting for? Get starting
today and let the fun begin!

Keep Smiling,
Janie Degenshein
Happiness isn't having what you want, but wanting what you already have!
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Wishing You All the Best,

Cheryl E. Fields

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life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will
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