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Sun Jun 14 18:54:50 UTC 2020

Ohio Members,,


Please do not respond to this email.




The National Federation of the Blind 2020 national Convention's registration
will end on tomorrow, June 15, 2020. Please register if you have not done


If you do not have an email, please reach out to me!


Here are more details below that I sent out to networks in my community.
Take from it and do the same.




Good Afternoon,


My name is Suzanne Turner and I am a member of the National Federation of
the Blind. We are a three tear organization with a National President and a
National Board of Directors, they oversee all 50 states including Puerto
Rico and the District of Columbia; and all States have a State president and
State Executive Board of Directors who oversee local Chapters and those
local Chapters have a President and an Executive Board of Directors as well.
We believe in the capacity of blind people and our philosophy is, that
blindness is not the characteristics that defines us or our future. Everyday
we raise the expectations of blind people, because low expectations comes
between us and our dreams. With proper training and opportunity, the blind
can live the life they want. Essentially, blindness doesn't hold us back. 


Today I would like to extend an invitation for you to participate with our
national Federation of the Blind 2020 National Convention. We will feature
accessible products, informational seminars, updated and new technology,
communication on our legislative advocacy and more.


Because of Covid-19, our face-to-face National Convention was canceled.
However, the good news is that it is now virtual and registration is free.
This  is a great opportunity for many to take part in this wonderful and
educational endeavor. All you would do is click on the link below and
register or perhaps someone in your network would like to represent your
entity. Nevertheless, all can register and become informed with our free
programs and services, such as, free white canes for those losing vision,
NewsLine for individuals who would like to continue reading newspapers,
magazines and more, and our BELL Program that offer blind children a camp,
where they learn Braille, traveling skills, arts and crafts and more. We
even have interest groups, for instance, a Senior division, Student
Association, Social Work Committee, Employment Committee, Federal Employee
Committee, Jewish Group and others to name a few. And yes, there are sighted
members and attendees, such as professors, technologist, teachers,
clinicians and others to learn about all aspects of serving and working with
those who are visually impaired and blind.


So, won't you join us. I guarantee it will be an encounter that will leave
you inspired, motivated and ready to make a positive change for yourself and
the blind community.


Finally, there are door prizes and promotions that are offered to those who
register. Please pass this information on to co-workers, families, agencies
and anyone with an interest in improving the lives of the blind. Attached is
additional materials for distribution.


Please click on the two links below to learn more.


If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.


Thank you for all you do for the blind of Ohio and beyond!

Click here to see Ohio's 2018 Convention; which is 7 times smaller than the



Convention info:

How to Participate


The National Federation of the Blind National Convention is the largest
gathering of blind people in the world.

It is the premier event for training, support, and information for the blind


2020 Dates 

Tuesday, July 14 through Saturday, July 18, 2020


2020 Location 

Considering the ongoing impact and wide-ranging effects of the COVID-19
pandemic, the 2020 National Convention will be held virtually for the first

Join us as we celebrate NFB's eightieth anniversary and expand our circle of
participation, connecting blind Americans from coast to coast for what we
expect to be the largest gathering of blind people in history.


The agenda for the 2020 National Convention will feature most of the
elements our members know and love, with some new twists. There will be
multiple ways to participate in and interact with all convention events,
from video conferencing to phone access. Plus, as local conditions permit,
NFB affiliates will organize in-person gatherings in conjunction with
sessions being held at the national level to enhance the convention



Members are requested and non-members are invited to register at no cost in
order to get access to exclusive offers, convention announcements, door
prizes, and other exciting content.


Register online today <https://www.nfb.org/registration
84975162&sdata=BBVPA600dkmCGbhxsxVa2pyQjlDeNTRVGrqH1A7MjAo%3D&reserved=0> >
for the 2020 National Convention.


Registration will close Monday, June 15, so please register before then.


*Operating the national convention virtually still costs money. While
registration is free, we welcome and encourage donations <
https://www.nfb.org/donate>  to support our ongoing work to protect the
rights of all blind Americans.


National Federation of the Blind of Ohio (NFBO)

Suzanne Turner, Ohio Affiliate Vice President

Cleveland Chapter, President

(216) 990-6199


Please click on the links below to learn more about the organization


The Ohio Affiliate



"Live the life you want" featuring, National President, Mark Riccobono

pATmwCAR3qeiSLe6yCU%3D&reserved=0> &feature=share

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