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Thanks, Brian!!

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Good evening,


Please find attached a copy of our chapter roster which includes contact information of members who have paid dues and are eligible to vote at April’s meeting.  


It’s entirely possible we missed someone, so please let me and Terri Nettles, our chapter secretary, know so we can add your name. We’d hate for someone to be left out!


Also, please let us know if your contact information is incorrect or has changed. 


Please note that April is our first birthday as a chapter, so we will have much to celebrate. It also means that next year’s dues of five dollars each is owed to the chapter if you want to keep current. 


I will send out a save the date notice very shortly for our April meeting. 


Also watch for an activity announcement from Evelyn Valdez for early April very soon.

Thanks so much!


Brian R. Miller, PH.D.


Greater Alexandria Chapter

NFB of Virginia

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