[Nfbv-historic-fredericksburg] Recurring Problem

Holly Frisch Holly at volunteersfortheblind.org
Sat Feb 20 02:38:47 UTC 2016

I did not expect this to happen because, until yesterday, it had not occurred.  The emails I am sending out from this list are ending up in most people's spam folders.  I asked Dave e Andrews, who really knows a lot about the more technical aspects of computers, if he has any suggestions.  Meanwhile, I have an idea which might combat this problem for the most part.  What if everyone manually enters this email list address into his or her own computer?  If that does not work, if anyone has other ideas and suggestions, I would be extremely appreciative.  Meanwhile, thank all of you for your continuing patience.

Please update your records with my new email:
holly at volunteersfortheblind.org

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