[NFBV-Potomac-Announce] February Minutes and March Treasurer's Report

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Thu Mar 14 14:36:09 UTC 2019

                                Good Morning,

Please find attached the February 2019 Minutes and the March 2019 Treasurer's Report.

I am also copying them below.


PCNFB Chapter Minutes for February 14, 2019

The Monthly meeting of the Potomac Chapter of the National Federation of the Blind was convened at 7 p.m. by President John Halverson. Twenty members were present.

The icebreaker was what is your favorite TV show?

We had a moment of silence.

The NFB pledge was led and recited by  Tracy Soforenko.

The minutes of the January 10, 2019 meeting were disseminated late in the morning on the day of our meeting by President John Halverson  and accepted without discussion.

Treasurer's report for the period from 01/10/2019 to 02/14/2019
General Fund:
Beginning Balance: $3,657.68
Ending Balance: $3,552.68
Youth fund: Unchanged $750.00

President John Halverson asked the question of why we are here at the meeting and members responded by stating advocacy, to gain fellowship, to learn, to teach, to encourage, for friendship, to share something, continue to do the work of the NFB, to mentor and to be mentored, , and the reminder of getting recharged, the responsibility of blind people  to educate others about our organization.

Trivia: Valentine's Day Game
Evelyn and Kathryn coordinated a Valentine's day game in which  words or short phrases were brailled on pink and red hearts and members were split into two teams with a team name. Teams had to create a letter to write to the opposing team using the words or phrases on the hearts by writing the letter on Braille writers.

Richmond Seminar
We had 55 participants in attendance. The major focus was funding for DBVI so that the waiting list would not be as great. We are fighting legislation that banking institutions do not have to make their websites accessible. Legislation must be passed so that financial institutions  follow the web standard  of the world wide web.
The Chapter Leadership Institute members  (CLI) met for meetings and participated in the art exhibit in downtown Richmond that John Olsen, designed and curated for this special exhibit.
Nick spoke of his first experience at Washington Seminar.

Presidential Release
President Riccabono discussed Washington Seminar. The Amerikesh was signed by the president and is just awaiting one more step; the Transformation to competitive employment bill has been introduced by both Virginia and Washington.   There will be various summer programs taking place this summer in Minnesota, Louisiana, and Colorado.

Nancy  announced that she will be putting together conference calls for our upcoming Tech Fair in which various types of tech will be demoed such as Apple TV, Netflix, Amazon Firestick, Online Grocery Apps, medical devices, iPhones/iPads, etc and she is looking for individuals to volunteer .
Nancy announced that there will be a BELL program in Harrisonburg for two weeks in July.

I hope everyone will enjoy themselves for St. Patties Day!

Yours in the Federation

Respectfully submitted,
Evelyn Valdez
NFBV Affiliate/Potomac Chapter Recording Secretary

Potomac Chapter National Federation of the Blind of Virginia
Treasurer's report for the period from 2/14/2019 to 3/14/2019
Beginning Balance General fund: $3,552.68
Member dues+ corrections from dues collections $70.00
50-50 cash $17.00
Total Income $87.00
NFB PAC for March $75.00
NFBV PAD for March $75.00
Church rental $300.00
Note $251.00 was collected from members and sent to the ST. George's Food Pantry

Total Disbursements: $450.00
Ending Balance as of 3/14/2019: $3,189.68
Youth fund:
Beginning Balance: $750.00
Income: Check from Kiwanis club for Youth programming $1,000.00
No Disbursements
Ending balance as of 3/14/2019: $1,750.00

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