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Some of you may be interestedin this.


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Subject: Greater Alexandria Chapter Presents Self-Defense Seminar with Relentless MMA

Hello my esteemed GAC family!  I hope you all will consider attending the self-defense seminar on March 21st!!  I'll be there! And...I woud love the chance to rough and tumble with each one of my fellow GACers!!!(BIG SMILE WITH TEETH)

Please scroll down for all the details!

Self Defense for the Blind

This Self Defense Seminar for the blind will cover the most fundamental self defense techniques taken from over 30 martial arts.  We will be covering what the Military calls Close Quarter Combatives aka what to do when someone is close and attacking you.  We will be focused on dealing with being grabbed and how to escape and use a grab to your advantage.  We will be focusing on simple tools that are easy to remember like gouges, elbows, headbutts, and knees to either incapacitate an attacker or force them to flee.

  The seminar will be very question and answer oriented dealing with having your body or your clothing and belongings grabbed and how to deal with the situation so please bring questions.  Focus will be on proper base/stance to void being knocked down and how to use one part of the body to identify another part of the body as a target that can deliver maximum damage.  If you have any questions before the seminar feel free to contact me so we can address it during the seminar.

Coach Dave
dave at dcathlete.com<mailto:dave at dcathlete.com>

If this sounds like something you would like to do, you need to RSVP ASAP with Renee Valdez, Secretary of the Greater Alexandria Chapter, by 6:00 p.m. SATURDAY, MARCH 14TH!

To RSVP, you can reply to this email  or, if you prefer, call or text me at 703-966-0836

We hope you can join us on Saturday, March 21 promptly at  12:30 PM. The cost is $20 per person. The event will run from 12:30 PM until 3:30 PM at Relentless MMA, 10580 Main Street in Fairfax.

Renee F. Valdez, M.A.
Secretary, NFB Greater Alexandria Chapter

Vice President, Northern VA Regional Local Human Rights Committee

(703) 966-0836

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