[nobe-l] Question concerning keeping track of grades

Carolyn Brock mmebrock at SpiritOne.com
Tue Nov 18 16:03:13 UTC 2008

    Microsoft Excel is one example of several programs which will 
work with a screenreader.  The problem is that more and more school 
districts are using district-wide grading systems, with the 
expectation that teachers upload their grades directly into the 
system.  If your district is considering adopting such a network, you 
will need to contact the software company directly and get 
information from them.  Of course, their tech-support  people cannot 
be expected to know what will work with a screenreader, or indeed 
even what a screenreader is.  Ask if the program is text-based, as 
opposed to graphic or image-based.  Screenreaders will work well only 
on a text-based program.  Even if your district goes to a network 
which is not screenreader compatible, you may be able to find another 
program which will work for you and which can be uploaded into the 
district's network.  But it will take some serious research on your 
part to find the solution and then get the district to work with you 
in getting what is necessary and setting it up properly.
    As school districts go more and more to computerized records and 
also increasingly to district-wide networks, it is essential for 
blind teachers to be informed as to what will or will not work for 
them.  Stay vigilant on this issue!

At 03:26 AM 11/18/2008, you wrote:

>   I use Microsoft Excel instead of Grade Quiq which is what most of 
> our sighted teachers use.  When I tried Grade Quiq, I found it to 
> be problematic with Window Eyes, about two years ago.  Whether that 
> has changed or not, I do not know.Kathy Nimmer: Teacher, Author, 
> Motivational Speakerhttp://guidedogjourney.livejournal.comEven if 
> the shadows of the valley hide your view,You still must believe in 
> the mountains.> From: hope.paulos at maine.edu> To: nobe-l at nfbnet.org> 
> Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 20:20:12 -0500> Subject: [nobe-l] Question 
> concerning keeping track of grades> > Hello all. I was wondering 
> what the best way for a totally blind teacher to> keep track of 
> grades is? Do you use software, and if so, which software is> it?> 
> Many of the schools in my state use power-school. Does anyone know 
> if this> works with screen readers?> Thanks.> > Hope and guide dog, 
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