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Oh, yes, and then some of the online IEP programs fall right in this 
category as well.


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> Hi,
>    Microsoft Excel is one example of several programs which will
> work with a screenreader.  The problem is that more and more school
> districts are using district-wide grading systems, with the
> expectation that teachers upload their grades directly into the
> system.  If your district is considering adopting such a network, you
> will need to contact the software company directly and get
> information from them.  Of course, their tech-support  people cannot
> be expected to know what will work with a screenreader, or indeed
> even what a screenreader is.  Ask if the program is text-based, as
> opposed to graphic or image-based.  Screenreaders will work well only
> on a text-based program.  Even if your district goes to a network
> which is not screenreader compatible, you may be able to find another
> program which will work for you and which can be uploaded into the
> district's network.  But it will take some serious research on your
> part to find the solution and then get the district to work with you
> in getting what is necessary and setting it up properly.
>    As school districts go more and more to computerized records and
> also increasingly to district-wide networks, it is essential for
> blind teachers to be informed as to what will or will not work for
> them.  Stay vigilant on this issue!
> Carolyn
> At 03:26 AM 11/18/2008, you wrote:
>>   I use Microsoft Excel instead of Grade Quiq which is what most of
>> our sighted teachers use.  When I tried Grade Quiq, I found it to
>> be problematic with Window Eyes, about two years ago.  Whether that
>> has changed or not, I do not know.Kathy Nimmer: Teacher, Author,
>> Motivational Speakerhttp://guidedogjourney.livejournal.comEven if
>> the shadows of the valley hide your view,You still must believe in
>> the mountains.> From: hope.paulos at maine.edu> To: nobe-l at nfbnet.org>
>> Date: Mon, 17 Nov 2008 20:20:12 -0500> Subject: [nobe-l] Question
>> concerning keeping track of grades> > Hello all. I was wondering
>> what the best way for a totally blind teacher to> keep track of
>> grades is? Do you use software, and if so, which software is> it?>
>> Many of the schools in my state use power-school. Does anyone know
>> if this> works with screen readers?> Thanks.> > Hope and guide dog,
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