[nobe-l] prome!ian boards/smartboards?

Jewel S. herekittykat2 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 28 23:44:04 UTC 2010

I think the use of a virtual whiteboard would be possible for a blind
teacher if they had good handwriting skills, as many with residual
vision do. I know my handwriting would be totally useless, though.
Perhaps use a clear plastic sheet's edge as a guide to keep the line

I think more useful for a blind teacher would be a projector connected
to the computer or laptop. Such a projector allows students to see the
screen of the teacher's computer. In this way, the teacher could open
a Word document and start typing, open an audio file and play it in
the background while typing notes at the same time (the use of a
refreshable Braille display would be necessary for watching one's own
typing while an audio file or video is going, so the screenreader
doesn't interfere with the audio of the file), or go through a
pre-created powerpoint slideshow.

Several of my high school teachers had these, and they were the
"latest thing" at the time. They are common place these days, but are
still jsut as useful. You wouldn't have to worry about handwriting in
this way, and you could even attach a "Pen and Touch" (a board on
which you can draw pictures using a stylus) to draw picutres on the
computer. I have very little vision, and my boyfriend who has quite a
bit of residual vision, said my pictures using this board were very
good considering I was doing it without sight. I told him they better
be, since I had three years of drawing-specific art classes in high
school, and was thinking of becoming a professional artist...they are
still primitive, but with practice, I'm sure I could do better. The
board my boyfriend has is a Bamboo brand board, and I definitely
recommend checking it out. He got it from the campus bookstore.

Some thoughts,

On 9/28/10, Jenna Karg and Bilko <lilstarlet09 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello all :),
> I know I haven''t posted in forever lol!  I am in an education
> technology class this semester, and we are going to go over different
> technology in the classroom, and I was wondering how exactly you use
> technology in class.  Is it possible for a totally blind teacher to
> use interactive white boards, promethians, smartboards etc?  We are
> going to get to mess with these things in class.  what other
> technology do you use in classrooms?  thanks for any responses :)
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