[nobe-l] Question for anyone familiar with Virginia (or other state) requirements for teaching in ABE programs

Miranda B. knownoflove at gmail.com
Wed Dec 31 03:46:52 UTC 2014


I have a question for anyone familiar with teaching in Virginia, although
those of you familiar with other states' regulations are welcome to provide
input too. I am planning to transfer in the fall of 2015 from my current
Associates to a Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies with cognates in
global studies and teaching English as a second language. While I love
children overall, I do not wish to teach in the K-12 classroom, and would
therefore like to teach adults. I have been encouraged by others to explore
the "Adult Basic Education" option. However, I cannot find the requirements
to teach in this environment. I realize this program is often administered
within the public school system. Here are my questions for anyone with

1. Does anyone know the requirements to teach in the adult basic education
environment in Virginia?

2. If I don't wish to teach in the K-12 classroom, could someone explain to
me (in non-confusing terms please) the licensing/endorsement requirements to
teach in an adult learning environment such as the adult basic education

>From what I'm trying to understand through the Virginia Department of
Education website, it looks as though in order to receive the add-on adult
English as a second language endorsement, I first need to obtain the 5-year
license for K-12, even though I don't plan to teach that age group.

If this is the case, and if my chosen Bachelors doesn't include teacher
licensure (I don't want to do the TESL Bachelors, because I want the
additional specialization in global studies), would a Masters in teaching
English as a second language with an adult emphasis satisfy the educational
requirements? If so, can anyone recommend any specific online graduate TESL
programs focused on adult education? I want to do my graduate work online,
as I am already a non-traditional student and I'm hoping to have time for
family and possible employment while completing any graduate coursework.

Any advice, explanations, encouragement, or otherwise would be very helpful.
The more I read, the more confused and frustrated I become.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!



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