[nobe-l] intro of me

Ashley Bramlett bookwormahb at earthlink.net
Thu May 8 16:28:41 UTC 2014

Hi all,

I’m back after a while absence. I’ll introduce myself and then ask my questions.
I’m Ashley, a young adult in the Virginia area. I joined the list again because I am thinking of either working with kids and youth as an assistant or tutor to begin with. I’m thinking of working at either a camp now or after school program. Then, I’m thinking about going back to school for a masters in teaching; if I did so, it would likely be in special ed with emphasis on teaching visually impaired students. I’ve also contemplated learning disabilities or just getting an emphasis on teaching reading and writing, if programs are out there doing this.

I have a BA in liberal studies from  marymount university. I actually tried elementary education but felt very discouraged back then. I was hoping to get that background and then study special ed at the  masters level; since I could not handle it back then, I figure I could still study it, but I’d take more courses since I have no background in teaching except for a few classes. What happened was many things like I had trouble doing my observation hours since my last cooperating teacher was not thrilled about me walking around to interact with kids and talk. But being vision impaired, I needed to, otherwise how would I know what they did? they were doing a lot of seat work like drawing and tracing. it was kindergarten. The kids were so friendly and perceptive. They remembered me even though I came in only once or twice a week. The kids were quite charming and their imaginations intrigued me. so the issues came from the teacher not the kids.
Also, I did not pass praxis. my math skills were weak.

Anyway, I studied psychology and communication for my degree. If I end up volunteering or working with kids, I’ll have questions. I’m wondering how I would supervise kids at a camp? The recreation centers have camps, but its mostly active stuff like sports. I’m not sure if I could supervise them since their running around playing games like tennis and maybe basketball. They also do activities in the rooms which I think I could help out more; the activities are arts and crafts. 
In rooms its more structured and their in one position! So I might be able to handle that.

Anyway, that’s where I’m contemplating getting a position, either paid or volunteer.


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