[nobe-l] Introduction and Advice for Student Teaching

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Hello Tara,

I  know we got off discussing more about career choices in general on this 
Back to your questions, they are good ones.
Welcome to the list, and best of luck doing student teaching!

I'm not an educator but have a keen interest in working with kids with and 
without disabilities and have not ruled out pursuing grad school to study 
teaching since my undergrad was liberal arts after I changed my major from 

I do have some experience in teacher's classrooms from my observation 
placements although I was not teaching them back when I tried education.
My advice is to get a class list ahead of time. Try early on to get to know 
their names and establish a way for them to talk since you cannot see raised 
hands. Hopefully you won't have too many kids that sound alike. I think 
establishing rapport is quite important and not making them feel like a 

I'm also curious how you arranged to get a reader. I know we need that as 
students studying to teach.
You need that to see their papers to grade and read inaccessible forms 
especially in special ed where you have IEPS and medical forms.
In my undergrad regardless what major I was in, getting  readers was my 
responsibility and the college did not provide that except for exams
It was very challenging to get reliable readers.
I got through school though but it was challenging.
It sounds like you have accomodations set up and have anticipated your 
So you are on the right track, and I'm sure things will go fine.

Good luck!

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Hello all,
My name is Tara Abella and I am currently a college Junior double majoring 
in elementary education and special education. My goal upon graduation is to 
teach in a General education setting containing students with and without 
disabilities. I am excited to announce that I will very soon be receiving my 
student teaching placement which will likely be in a classroom like the one 
I just described for next spring. I was wondering if anyone had advice for 
planning for student teaching or student teaching itself. Based on the 
experiences I have had in classroom so far, I know I will need a reader, 
copies of the textbooks that the classroom teacher commonly uses, and to 
contact my classroom teacher about labeling and such. Any additional advice 
would be greatly appreciated. I hope everyone is having a wonderful spring 

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