[nobe-l] simple tactile graphics

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Hi Ashley,

My favorite for things like this is a product you can get at most 
craft stores called leading.  It's basically thin rubber strips 
with adhesive backing.  It's intended for people making stained 
glass crafts--the idea is you make shapes on the glass with the 
leading and then color them in so the leading looks like the lead 
strips that hold pains together in real stained glass 
windows--but it works very well for making raised line drawings.  
There are different thinknesses and also some basic pre-made 
shapes in addition to the strips you can use.


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Hi all,

I’m thinking of creating some tactile graphics  of computer 
concepts including basic  layout of a website.

What things do you use to make simple graphics? I was thinking 
tape and felt might work. Anyone know if graphic art tape comes 
in various thinknessess? I’ve seen two widths so far.

For a graphic that is not permanent, have you all used toy or 
craft items? I was thinking maybe magnets, or what I think is 
called foam paper.
Any ways do you creat lines, permanent or not so permanent? Maybe 
a felt board with velcrow strips? The wheatley kit is good, but 
is there something similar less expensive?

I also have another question on raised letters which I’ll state 

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