[nobe-l] magnetic letters and shapes

Ashley Bramlett bookwormahb at earthlink.net
Fri Jan 27 00:37:44 UTC 2017

hi All,

When Heather wrote about the magnets, that really caught my attention. I think that is a useful tool for not only showing sighted students letters or other concepts, but also to show a newly blind person something on a diagram. Newly blind people do not know braille, but they know what print looks like and could use raised letters.

Heather said this.

“provided blind teachers can put letters, 
numbers and symbols up that the students can read, it doesn't matter that we 
don't write them. As a blind teacher, I use magnetic letters, numbers and 
signs, which I put on the board. I don't need to write on the board since I 
have an alternative technique that works just as well.”

I have some questions. Where do you buy numbers? Also, can you buy magnetic shapes at the same place? Do they come in packages? Like a set is numbers 1-9, for instance? I know Heather mentioned Lakeshore for buying magnetic letters, but what about the others? I’m also wondering what other things are available in magnetic form as I believe this is a good solution to display many educational concepts.


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