[nobe-l] I would welcome your thoughts on cell phone procedures

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Sat Jun 10 21:39:13 UTC 2017

And that, Lisa, is pretty close to what I actually do myself. I ask that they are put away, but I also know that they are not away for everyone always. Making it in the students' court and their responsibility and a battle that I don't often address is freeing to a degree, and it generally works with my upperclassman Who know that they are responsible for their choices and for the content. The management system, canvas, that we use has a cell phone app that I encourage the students to have; thus, they can use their phones or the laptops they are provided by the school. Most cell phone stuff is not immensely distracting to other kiddos as it is such a small, personal device, and while I never feel perfectly content with how I handle phones, I haven't met a cited teacher who feels perfectly content about it either. I do demand that everything is off the desk and all bags and purses up against the wall when they are taking a test. This minimizes the chance of cheating on cell phones, though it certainly doesn't exclude the possibility.

Kathy Nimmer
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> On Jun 10, 2017, at 5:31 PM, Lisa E Roszyk via NOBE-L <nobe-l at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Happy Saturday Craig and fellow Educators,
> The 'cell phone' has to be one of my least favorite devices. It has created
> a common practice of nonverbal communication and sight driven jokes. That's
> how I feel as an individual level.
> In my teaching practice I take a diffrrent point of view mostly for the
> sake of choosing my battles. As you said, atudents are able to access there
> phones even during instructional time and despite procedure, continue to be
> distracted by their devices. But, what if they are supppose to be on their
> devices? BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) gives students aome control over
> their own acedemic lives. I encourage students to utilize Google docs or
> drive to access matwrials. Giving them resposiblities on their devices is
> slowly showing a pattern of increased will power and ability to focus
> without it during traditional instruction. I don't know if this is possible
> in your building, but showing them you trust them with their devices may
> lead to them being responsible with their devices. iSTE has great resources
> on cell phones and different procedures in the classroom.
> Lisa
> On Jun 10, 2017 8:28 AM, "Craig Cooper via NOBE-L" <nobe-l at nfbnet.org>
> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I know that we have discussed the challenge of dealing with cell
> phones in classrooms, on previous threads.  My principal and I were
> having a conversation this week, regarding this topic.  I mentioned to
> her that I am considering a change in procedure, for next school year.
> I continue to encounter students being on their cell phones, during
> instructional time in class.  Quite often, they are off task with
> their phones, texting, looking at videos, taking pictures, etc.
> Obviously, they distract themselves and other students around them,
> with this behavior.  Quite often, I am not aware that several students
> have their phones out, despite the clear handbook prohibition against
> unauthorized cell phone use.
> With this in mind, I proposed to my principal that I am considering
> having students place their phones in a secure location, at the front
> of the class, when they enter the classroom.  They would collect their
> phone, at the end of class.  I would likely nominate a student to be a
> monitor, to ensure that the correct number of phones were placed in
> the container, and that students were complying with the procedure.
> Students who were caught with phones would leave class for the rest of
> the period.
> What are your thoughts, regarding this procedure?  I teach juniors in
> high school, and I'd like to think they would follow the student
> handbook and my instructions that all phones are to be off and away,
> unless the teacher authorizes their use.  The reality is that once
> students know that they can take their phones out with a blind
> teacher, and that they will likely not get caught, several students
> will do this, disrupting their learning, as well as that of students
> around them, in many instances.
> Thank you in advance.
> Craig
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