[nobe-l] Real-time blind teacher chat

Catherine Mendez caitryl at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 01:12:35 UTC 2017

Hi, Jasmine,
Your timing is perfect! This Sunday the board of the national organization of blind educators is meeting via conference call, and one of the things that we are going to be planning is a real-time conference call to be held at the end of March where our members, including folks from this mailing list who wish to attend, can speak together about issues relating to teaching as blind people. 

Plans were made last summer at our national convention to hold these calls twice annually, the first one was supposed to take place in November. Unfortunately, I an unexpected   health crisis and was unable to coordinate the effort to get that done. But we will absolutely have such a call before the end of March.

Since this is the official mailing list of the educators division of the NFB, I figured I would let you knows live chat is in the works   Stay tuned, call-in information is coming soon! 

Cayte Mendez
President, National Organization of Blind Educators

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