[nobe-l] Where can I Find Earth of Moon Globes

Tina Hansen th404 at comcast.net
Thu May 3 06:44:06 UTC 2018

For next year's BELL program, a friend and I want to do something around the
50th anniversary of Apollo 11. I have been able to find a model of the
command and lunar modules, both separate and together. However, I'm not sure
where to find an earth globe or moon globe. I know there are some earth
globs out there, but I'm not sure which one is the most accessible.


As for moon globes, I'm stumped. The best things I can find are moon balls.
These are fun and I might buy one for either myself and/or as a give-away to
the students, but I'd like a moon globe so students can see where Apollo 11
landed. If we can't find something, we'll need to get it 3-d printed. Any
ideas on where I might find something would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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