[NOBE-L] Authoritative books on the subject of learning theories

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It would be helpful to know what books you have rejected. There are numerous
books on these topics but you may find that they are subdivided so that, for
example, learning theory is treated in one type of book and classroom
management in another. My experience is that books on classroom management
and teaching practice have short sections on learning theory but if I want
an academic treatment of learning theory I must mine the reference sections
and build a library.
Bookshare is your friend.
I hope this is helpful.

Rev. Dr. Sarah Blake LaRose
sarah at sarahblakelarose.com

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Hello everyone,

I'm on the lookout for books on the subject of learning theories, such as
constructivism, cognitivism, and new emerging theories. I have consulted
many resources, including books, academic articles, and all kind of online
sources, but neither of them lived up to my expectations. The type of
content that I'm looking for  should focus on the following areas:

*	Explanation about the theory and framework
*	Role of the educator
*	Role of the student
*	Curricula
*	Classroom management
*	Learning strategies and techniques
*	Assessment


Of course, all of these areas tackled from the particular perspective of
each one of the theories.

I know that such a theoretical account is, by far, enough for a complete
pedagogical course, but all this information can be found on the web only in
a fragmentary and sketchy .way even though it represents an essential part
on the bedrocks of how to teach.


All recommendations and suggestions are thankfully welcome. 



Leo Bado, B.A., A.A., TEFL teacher


"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive." -
Elbert Hubbard




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