[Ohio-talk] question about a memembership contest?

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I wish that by getting "the most" people to a convention it also meant these people would participate and attend sessions to make it worh their trip.  Numbers are important in only so many ways.  If we had a hundred people attending from Capital chapter and yet only 12 ever showed up at any given session at any time.............we still have not accomlished our purpose.  While we are encourging people to come and building these numbers we also need to re-educate them on the purpose of the convention.the reasons behind it all, not just encouraging an expense paid trip  We need to re-educate and, reinforce, the learning experiences, networking goals and revitalization of chapters in order to share the NFB philosophy and goals.  Every person you bring to convention is a potential leadership recruit and participant in growth, fundraising and helping show the world what blind persons CAN do not what they CANNOT do.  (remembering that the world thinks
 blind persons are incapable of anything useful)

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Hi Pichard,
I think the person who gets most people to the State Convention 
should get dinner at a Restaurant they can use at home.  That 
oway you'll be able to redeem it.  Of course, they could always 
win some yummy Icecream from Coldstone.
We could always give the winner a cat! Just kidding!
Have a great day.
Colleen Roth

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>I have been thinking about membership.  Cleveland's membership 
chair person
>and I had a small bet that what ever chair person got the most 
people to the
>national convention the other would buy dinner.  I must say Greek 
town took a
>lot but it hurt to take her to dinner.  I spoke to Jw.  And we 
are trying to
>figure out a contest where that chapters that bring more members 
to the
>state convention could engage in.  Do any of you have any ideals? 
Eric the
>other Eric from Toledo do not perk your ears up but your ideals 
are welcome.

>Thanks Richard

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