[Ohio-talk] Contacts for saving the Cincinnati Library for the Blind

Barbara Pierce bbpierce at pobox.com
Mon May 25 12:31:12 UTC 2009

Great work, Deborah!. Now it is the turn of every person on this list and
every chapter represented here to sit down and make the contacts. If you
have time today, email senators. That way their aides will find and read the
messages tomorrow. Then you can follow up with a call to make sure they
understand the issue. After that other people can weigh in with me-too
messages to keep the problem on their front burner.

I suggest that people report successes--offices that get interested--on this
list to encourage others and keep us working. Deborah's suggestions about
personalizing the letters you send are right on target. We have only 33
senators, so I hope that the affiliate will send a message from all of us to
each office. We must do all of this if we are to have a chance at the
eleventh hour.
We have done such things in the past; we can do it again if we decide to!

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