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Good Afternoon,

I have been selected to participate in a Focus Group regarding Dove Beauty.  Dove has a Campaign that is on YouTube that speaks to all women with the exception of those who are blind.

A Senior from the College of Wooster is conducting a study on women who are visually impaired and their impression on beauty.  I thought this was an interesting idea and wanted to share it.  Although, most of you cannot participate in this study, it has me wondering if those of us who cannot see have the same perceptions of what is beautiful.

For your reading, below is the purpose and info.  Let me know what you think.  I would love to have this enthusiastic and concern individual address us in the near future.


Attention Female Clients and Employees of The Sight Center between the ages of 25-55:

My name is Edith Anderson and I am a senior at The College of Wooster. I have been an employee of The Sight Centers’ Highbrook Lodge for 2 years, and I am conducting a research study looking at the impact of Dove’s beauty campaign and notions of beauty on women who are blind. The purpose of this study is to draw attention to a group of women who are left out of scholarly literature on beauty. Information concerning the study is as follows:

What: A research study examining notions of beauty for women who are blind.
Who: Women between the ages of 25 and 55 who are legally blind.

The questions that are below will be proposed to the women for an answer after they review the YouTube Dove Campaign.

Focus Group Interview Questions

No demographics necessary

●        How often do you have access to books, television or radio programs that contain beauty ads?

            -If you have access, how do these ads make you feel about yourself?

●        What are your initial reactions to this ad?

●        How do you define the word, “beautiful”?

●         What is something that you find beautiful?

-Please explain why you find this thing beautiful

●          How do you think the women is this ad define the word “beautiful”?

●          The women in this ad make a connection between the way they look and the amount of happiness they experience in their lives. Have you ever found that the way you look impacts your happiness?

●        This beauty campaign is one to be considered progressive. Now knowing that this is a progressive ad, how does this impact you and your understanding of beauty?

You can find the YouTube by Googling Dove Beauty Sketches.

Individual Interview Questions
How would you describe yourself racially/ethnically?
When did you become aware of your blindness?
●       Do you wear makeup? Why or why not?
○       If you do wear makeup, could you explain your “beauty routine”?
●       What is something you find beautiful about yourself?
○       -What practices, objects, ideas, etc. make you feel beautiful? Why?
○       If you could pick three words to describe the way you look, what would they be?
●        Being an unsighted woman and having just listened to an ad that contains only sighted women, would you be able to describe a time in which you felt similar to these women in the ad? Such as self conscious or unhappy about the way you look?
●        The women in this ad make a connection between the way they look and the amount of happiness they experience in their lives. Have you ever found that the way you look impacts your happiness? What influence does appearance have on your life?
●       How do you think a sighted women’s relationship with beauty differs from an unsighted women’s relationship with beauty?
○       How are they similar?
●        The women in this ad talk about their desire to have their friends and family view them as attractive and confirm how they look. Being a woman without sight, how do the opinions of others influence your feelings of your appearance?
●       How much do you rely on other’s in preparing you and your appearance?
○       Does this mean you put trust into these individuals?

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