[Ohio-talk] Look and Listen Please?

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Dear Barbra  this touches my heart so much  about the man jujust losing his
sight  I was in the same boat  when I first lost my sight  I was so confused
didn't know another blind person  I had so many 
questions  and a nurse found you for me  how I do not know or rrrember  I
talked to you on the phone for a long time  I was amazed on what you told me
and all the things you do and have done  you were my hero  so what you said
about helping people with their blindness is what I think it is all about
being able to see my whole life  abnd then having allof my sight gone ina
matter of months  was really a adjustment  not knowing how to type or
knowing the computer  I think I am doing good  but messing up a lot  but I
am proud  of what I have accomplished  I now want to learn brail  if I can
do th8is I don't know  but I wil try   the N F B  is such a help  to me  and
I would wait for my tape of the brail monitor  every month to listen to it
that was a much needed help to me also  so I don't like all the bickering
and judgements  I just want to be happy and  learn  as much I can to be
independent  and proud to be who I am   a blind person who is proud and
happy  thanks for your talk years ago  and I hope that man can get some good
advice and help  thank you Dawn oh  I went to  my first convention  and only
convention in Detroit  and I ment J W  he was such a nice man  and I was
amazed by him also  and for Eric  I didn't know much about him  I was just
so sad first that you were not president  then we got J W  and I was sad
also  but I sat in on a conference vcall last month  and I ment Eric  and
listened to what he had to say  and I liked him  and just iknew the N F B
would be all right  sorry for all the mistakes

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I echo what JW says. I got a call yesterday on the NFBS line. It was an old
gentleman living near Mt. Vernon. He lost his sight three days ago. He could
not dial  the phone--an operator found my number and connected him to me. I
knew no one in Knox County, but I got hold of the BSVI office in the area,
and they gave me the Independent Living Center's number. They should have
been open but were not. I tried to leave a message to have them call him to
offer help, but he could not give me his phone number. I had to content
myself with leaving his name and town and asking them to call him to see if
they could get him to the doctor today. This experience reminded me of the
magnitude of the need out there. We have no right to indulge ourselves with
sniping. There are people out there who need our help and support. Let's
rededicate ourselves to getting down to what counts.

Merry Christmas,

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Family, family, family, I have been wondering if and how to respond to some
of the messages from yesterday and I feel compelled to say this simply and
as heartfelt as I can.

We are all in this together and I don't want people to now leave or consider
leaving the list or even the affiliate because we need you believe me!

Yes families fight sometime but there is a way to do it and a time and place
for it.

So let's all just learn from this and use it to make it and even better
space and place for us to effectively communicate with one another please?

We all want the same things and the bottom line is that we all want this to
be the most effective and lifechanging affiliate possible so that we can
help all those other blind and visually impaired people that are looking for
us even if they don't know it yet.

So I recommend that we take a deep breath, look around us and see just how
Blessed we are this Holiday season and do what we can to learn from our
recent discussions and hit the year ready to do what we can to make life
better for all blind and visually impaired people in Ohio and beyond.

Can I get a witbness?


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