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Sat Dec 27 23:48:04 UTC 2014

As I have shared before I have been managing, hiring, recruiting and developing customer service agent for 17+ years. I can tell you those with vision problems make the best customer service telecommunications agents. If the Cleveland site center or any other organization designed to train blind and visually impaired folks to handle customer service phone calls would simply do a little promotion and marketing and use that tagline as their promo point we might see a greater degree of success.

Here's a short one. There was a group of blind people working for a call center in Colorado there was about 10 of them in their team. After three months it was noted that their productivity was higher than any sighted person in the building. Their supervisor was asked to provide reasons why.after a very long discussion with his manager and call center director and training department, the conclusion was made that no one in that unit who struggle to see use the mouse dust improving their time skills. Their hands never left the keyboard and they were able to do more with less time. We don't make decisions based on what we see which is a fatal flaw of the world. We make decisions based only on what we hear the story that the customers telling us, the inflections in his or her voice, those are things that matter to us and enable us to provide on's on the spot immediate customer service 

Those who are in the customer service industry and cannot see need to come together and approach be SVI and require a change of our government support systems. 


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> On Dec 27, 2014, at 2:47 PM, Cathy via Ohio-talk <ohio-talk at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> Hi Kelsey,
> I sure feel for you, particularly your frustration. I have my own
> frustrating story to share about the hiring of CSR’s at the Cleveland sight
> center. But first, I wondered if you might live anywhere near Solon Oh.
> Marriot International has a call center there and has five or six visually
> impaired folks working there and one has been there for around ten years
> now. My husband, who is also blind, worked there very successfully for over
> two years until back problems forced him to give up his position. They do
> have a work at home program but one must first work at the location in Solon
> for a trial period. If that won’t work for you, there are other places and
> you might wish to have BSVI get you into the CSC employment service program
> to help you find other places that might hire you. … However, my own sad
> story in short is that I took the CSR training at CSC, took the employment
> placement program from CSC, applied for a position as a CSR at CSC and two
> other companies that said they hired disabled folks, where one could work at
> home, but all to no avail. No work to be had. I was particularly shocked by
> the fact that CSC did not hire me for their own call center. I had been the
> top student in my class and the instructor had recommended me highly. I had
> twenty years’ experience working in customer service as a vendor in a
> variety of locations. So why didn’t they hire me after training me? Why
> didn’t they hire me after I worked for their food service division for ten
> of those twenty years and made them lots of money? Why didn’t they hire me
> when I applied two different times when they had openings? I sure don’t know
> but that is my story. I truly hope that your story will end more happily
> than mine did. I decided to retire, but then again I am so close to
> retirement age it was an option for me, while you you are just out of school
> so certainly don’t want to retire yet. <Smile>
> Just when the Caterpillar thought the World was over, he turned into a
> Butterfly. 
> Cathy F
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