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Hello to you and it is great to meet someone like yourself who is eager to
work and taking the initiative to cover all aspects of searching for the
right employment opportunity.

I am a former employee of the Sight Center and want to apologize for your
frustration.  I can assist as well if you would like to contact me off line.



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I feel like all I do is ask questions but I'm curious, what is your degree
in? Additionally info scission is not the only name in town. There are
plenty of call centers including one of my all-time favorite's that hire
work from home agents. That would be Apple.


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> Hello,
> I am hoping someone could help me.  Here's my situation.  I am a client of
the Cleveland Sight Center and will be going through their customer service
fundamentals training as I mentioned in my last post.  I am aware that the
Sight Center has partnered with Infocision to offer jobs to people who are
blind or visually impaired.  From what I'm gathering, clients who complete
the customer service training are recommended inInfocision as potential job
candidates.  The issue is that I applied back in June and was not selected
for a position.  I mentioned being a client at the Sight Center and they
told me that the partnership only applies to the work at home division, but
I was not told this up front.  At the time I didn't opt for the work at home
division because I did not have the necessary equipment (in order to apply,
you must have the equipment prior to applying) and at that time it was very
difficult to obtain the equipment within a reasonable amount of time.  Now I
have the equipment (I just need to activate the phone line) but since I
applied in June, I cannot re-apply until next June.  I tried to get in
through someone I knew, but the corporate officers want me to wait the full
year.  I've been out of school for a year and a half and still cannot find a
job and I have a degree.  Infocision actually wants to hire people who are
blind, so I am writing a letter to the chief of staff stating that I'm a
Sight Center client who is going through the customer service training in
January and would therefore ask that they reconsider their decision.  When I
originally applied, I had not gone through the call center training (yes,
they did ask me that at the end of the interview) so I wonder if that was
part of the reason I was not selected.  I wrote a draft of my letter, but
I'm not sure if this list can accept attachments, so that's why I did not
post it here.  Otherwise I would have.  If you would be willing to help me
with this letter, please feel free to write me offlist and I will send it to
you.  I'm mainly frustrated with the fact that they didn't tell me up front
that since I was a Sight Center client (I did mention my visual impairment
when scheduling the interview so I could get an electronic application link)
that the partnership only applied to the work at home program.  And my
employment specialist didn't tell me either.  Besides writing the letter, is
there anything else I could try to do to convince them to reconsider their
> Thank you,
> Kelsey Nicolay
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