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Tue Dec 30 14:31:07 UTC 2014

Hi Derek, I hope your Christmas was fantastic! Ours was quiet, we are
recovering from colds and flu. Thank the Lord my mother did not get it, I am
hoping she won't get home and get sick. 
We had some bad news after Christmas, one of my mother's first cousins
passed away. He was the oldest living member of our family 94 years old and
had Alzheimer's. The funeral is on Saturday, so, it is sort of up in the air
if we are going. The funeral is Saturday morning and my mother's bus leaves
in the afternoon, I don't think she really wants to go and that's OK. Aunt
Frankie may not be able to come either, My other aunt Doris and I will be
there. Enough bad news. 
I am looking forward to a new year, full of hope and God's  promises. 
I sent this attached email for your mom and you. Know she is looking for
part time job and maybe this lady can connect you folks up. I hear that the
people that do this type of work make some good money as long as they have
support. Maybe this is something you and she would consider. Check it out. 
Talk to you soon, love ya and Happy New Year! Cheryl 

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Hello Everyone,


I am looking for a part-time driver/vending attendant in the Columbus area,
and figured I would ask around to see if anyone who subscribes to this list
might know somebody who might be interested.  I know that we probably have
very few folks on this list who drive themselves, but if any of you have a
family member or friend who is looking for a part-time job, I would rather
find someone based on the referral of a NFBO member than just a random
person from an ad on the internet or in the paper.  I am attaching a
position description to this email, and if you know someone who is
interested, they can contact me at 614-288-4323 or email me at
annettelutz at att.net.


Thanks, and everyone have a Merry Christmas!


Annette Lutz

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