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Great job I hope to be able to do the same. richard

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Congratulation's Cleveland,


We did it.  I just got off the phone with Jennifer E. Perrino, Esq.
Legislative Director for Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur confirming that the
Congresswoman will be signed on to bill 188, The TIME Act in September.


It was explained to me that since Congress is not in session, her name
cannot be attached until September 8, 2015.  No relaxing though, there is
still work to be done.  Eric and I spoke to a staff member of Senator
Brown's Administration today, and hopefully he will sign on too. 


I got this email when I got home today and I immediately called her!


Good Job!



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Hi Suzanne, I'd be happy to chat about NFB policy concerns. So you know,
we've gotten a fair amount of calls about HR 188 and I've reached out to
Rep. Harper's office to have Ms. Kaptur added as a cosponsor. 


When are you in DC so we can set up an appointment? 




Jennifer E. Perrino, Esq. 

Legislative Director

Rep. Marcy Kaptur (OH-9)

2186 Rayburn HOB | 202-225-4146



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Good Afternoon,


My name is Suzanne Turner and I am a member of the National Federation of
the Blind (NFB) and I am emailing to inquire as to a tele-conference or
meeting with my Congress representative or with the Labor Staff Member to
discuss the "TIME Act" Transitioning to Integrated and Meaningful Employment
Act: bill (HR 188) and the Senate version of (S 2001), introduced by Kelly
Ayotte of New Hampshire. This Issue of Fair Wages for Workers with
Disabilities is the Current labor laws that unjustly prohibit workers with
disabilities from reaching their full vocational and socioeconomic
potential. Written in 1938, Section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act
(FLSA) discriminates against people with disabilities. The provision allows
the Secretary of Labor to grant Special Wage Certificates to employers,
permitting them to pay workers with disabilities less than the minimum wage.
This is based on the false assumption that disabled workers are less
productive than nondisabled workers, but successful employment models have
emerged in the last seventy-five years to assist people with significant
disabilities in acquiring the job skills needed for competitive work.
Section 14(c) sustains segregated subminimum wage workshops that exploit
disabled workers, paying some only pennies an hour for mundane, repetitive


Moreover, research shows that the subminimum wage model costs more but
actually produces less! In fact, workers must unlearn the useless skills
they acquire in order to obtain meaningful employment. It is poor policy to
reward such failed programs with wage exemptions, preferential federal
contracts, and public and charitable contributions. After more than
seventy-five years of demonstrated failure, it is time to invest in proven,
effective models for employment. Section 14(c) sustains the same segregated
subminimum wage environments that existed in 1938 and has proven to be
extremely ineffective and offers no incentive for mainstream employers to
hire people with disabilities.


So, the NFB of Cleveland would like the opportunity to converse with you or
your Administration on this mundane and ineffective issue. I too have been
affected by this unfair method back in 1984. Since then, I have graduated
with a Master's Degree and worked for Nonprofits and the Federal Government,
proving that persons with disabilities can move pass (HR 188). One would
think that in 2015 celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Americans with
Disabilities Act that such would not currently exist today.


Thank you for your consideration and I look forward in discussing the matter
with you and my representative.


Suzanne Turner,

National Federation of the Blind of Cleveland 

Cel: 216-990-6199 

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