[Ohio-talk] Commtech LLC announces more trainers for NFB of Ohio

Commtech CustomerService info at commtechusa.net
Wed Mar 25 17:30:33 UTC 2015

Hello Group:

excuse me for this email but I feel I have a great announcement you all 
will find useful.

I am Gabe Vega, CEO of Commtech LLC, we manage and maintain the NFb of 
Ohio website and for the past 6 months have been offering on call tech 
support and training to NFB of Ohio members for an extremely discounted 

I would just like to let you all know that due to increased demand and 
the popularity of our services, we have hired additional staff to manage 
case loads and clients and call for service more affectively. What does 
this mean for you? almost 99.99 percent scheduling, and faster responses 
for tech support call backs.

Who did we hire?
NFB members ofcourse and their bios will be posted to our blog soon. We 
brought onboard one more mac trainer and 3 windows trainers. in addition 
to the 4 trainers already present on staff.

So, in conclusion, I'd like to thank the NFB of Ohio for its great 
partnership with Commtech LLC, and look forward to anything else we can 
do for you all.

Did you know, for every new client who signs up for a individual member 
subscription at
we will donate 10 percent to the NFB of Ohio for the first month? so if 
you are looking for that perfect fund raising drive, refer them to 
Commtech, where they can receive a product/service of value and give to 
the NFB of Ohio all at once.

Want to get a hold of me? I don't hide behind staff like other CEO's 
might, I am very public and I am open to taking calls directly from the 
public. give me a call directly to my desk at (888) 351-5289 Ext. 710.

Thanks for your time
Gabe Vega | CEO
Commtech LLC

Customer Service Team
Commtech LLC
Web: http://commtechusa.net
Email: info at commtechusa.net
Phone: (888) 351-5289

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