[Ohio-talk] tumblers

Shelbi Hindel shelbiah1 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 16 15:11:20 UTC 2016

Pasted below is the information from the board of directors meeting at state
convention related to the tumblers.


                16. Sheri A. presented a fundraising proposal. It was for
tumblers, which she had samples of to show. These are dishwasher, freezer,
and microwave safe; sweat resistant; and double-walled insulated. They can
be used for either hot or cold beverages. They have lids with straws and are
made of clear plastic. The size is either sixteen ounces,  $18, or
twenty-six ounces, for $24. Our organization would earn half of that amount.
There is  also a pint size glass tumbler option for $18. There are several
options for logos on the tumblers - official NFL, college logos, breast
cancer, and more. It is possible to have our own design such as the new logo
and tag line. If we order ninety-six tumblers, the artwork is free. If we
order forty-eight tumblers, the artwork would cost $36. The company would
ship an order to Orlando at no charge. Individuals would be able to order
online, and orders of $65 or more would ship free of charge. Richard moved
that we order ninety-six of the sixteen-ounce tumblers with the NFB logo and
tagline on them to sell throughout the year. William H. Turner seconded the
motion. It passed unanimously. 


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