[Perform-talk] The Launch Of The Audio ShockWave Radio Network And More On Tonight's Djd Invasion

David Dunphy djdrocks4ever at gmail.com
Sun Aug 8 17:55:05 UTC 2010

Hi All!
Join me for what should be an incredibly fun and entertaining Djd Invasion show, starting at 8 PM eastern on ShockWaveRadio.
Tonight, you can expect
A great mix of songs
Your requests
Songs you don't hear on the radio anymore. Perhaps some of these songs should never have seen the light of day. We'll find out what you think tonight
Find out about The Audio ShockWave Radio Network, and meet the incredible people behind it
And more...

As always, requests are welcome by email, msn, or aol instant messenger at the address
liveradio at shockwaveradio.net
or, you can call in by skype at the address
or by phone by dialing

So to listen to tonight's thrilling Djd Invasion event, save this email, and at 8 PM eastern, go to
or put the following into a player like Winamp:
Can't make the show? No problem. You can listen away from your pc by phone by dialing
Tonight's show should rock, so I am looking forward to seeing you there!
>From David, AKA Djd, host of The Djd Invasion
If you want a station that dares to be different, has a group of people determined to have fun while providing a collective broadcasting excellence, and if you want to be entertained by said group, then come join us, either as a broadcaster listener or both, at ShockWaveRadio, for we are the driving force of entertainment on the internet. Visit us at
and follow us on twitter at
Check us out, you'll be glad you did!

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