[Perform-talk] Rights to a Jingle

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Hi Brad.  Sorry it has taken me so long to write back.  this is very 
helpful.  Now, if they change the jingle and I agree to the changes, what 
sort of royalties do they receive as a result of those changes if any?
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> Copyrights are owned  from the point of the pen hitting the paper. Proof 
> of that is where it matters, hence the registration of copyrights through 
> the Library of Congress Copyright Office. If it is something you plan to 
> pitch to them as a promo that's cool, but it ought be  demoed in a 
> professional ready to go out of the box jingle, with openess to changing 
> it if they wish to fit any commercial motif they may be heading on. If it 
> is a song or something you're going to YouTube, care need be taken using 
> their name. Most times using a trademarked name or common name in  a song 
> is OK as long as it shows them in good light, from a performer they feel 
> is likeable. As for their owning your jingle simpley because you used 
> their name, they have none. You'd only be pitching it to them and if they 
> say no, its a moot issue because it won't be on the market or flying about 
> anywhere. Hope that helps. Good luck on  that project.
> Brad
> At 04:28 PM 3/9/2010, you wrote:
>>Hi listers.
>>I have written a jingle for Starbucks and would like to know if I can 
>>copyrite it as my own or if Starbucks would have a legal claim to it since 
>>it mentions their name.  Thanks.
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