[Perform-talk] A Response to If I presided over the talent show

Michelle Clark mcikeyc at aol.com
Sat Jul 16 18:16:52 UTC 2011


Let me be first to apologize for being one of the offenders of signing up
and not showing up. I took Para transit to a restaurant after the General
Session and did not get back until it was almost over and was too exhausted
to make that trek from Kingdom to Kingdom come to the location of the event.

My other thought is "why are there so many complaints on this list serve?"
As I read through the messages, too many persons use valuable time and
effort sending things that do not lead the organization toward a positive
direction. My thought? If you are to talk about something. Do something.

The event only cost five bucks. Some of the coffee selections at Starbucks
cost that much, so it is not like you lost your retirement pension fund.
Based on some of the other remarks, there are persons who had a good time
and will come again and again. . Try seeing what talent shows on the
Affiliate level at conventions are like and you will see the difference.

My challenge to anyone who did not like what went on or have something
negative to say to approach Dennis and the Board to see what you can do to
help.  Dennis, is that possible? 

We as blind people have many other things to do besides shred each other to
pieces.  It can't be that dark in your world that you cannot see that!
Please take a couple of deep breaths, write it out on a Word document first,
or whatever it takes to prevent your from spewing venom at us. I find that I
have to do the same on occasion and it does work.



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