[Perform-talk] FS: instruments and accessible studio gear etc.

Cameron Strife cameron at cameronstrife.com
Sun Jul 12 23:26:04 UTC 2015

Posting this one more time...

Hi everyone. We're hoping to move later this year before my son starts
preschool so idealy I'd like to get this all sold if possible...

Please write to me off list to make an offer on any of the below
items. If someone wanted more than one item, they would get a
discount! I only accept payment via pay pal and always ship with
tracking and insurance... Buyers in Canada, the UK, and Europe are
welcome to make an offer as well but please keep in mind that shipping
and insurance is quite expensive when shipping internationally.



15 inch mac book pro with quad core I7 processor, sixteen gigs of ram,
1tb hd etc in fantastic condition. (Ask for complete specs.)

SE electronics 2200ac ld condenser microphone with pad and high pass
filter. Great for vocals, acoustic instruments, or an overhead mic.
Includes original box, manual, custom shock mount, and pop filter etc.

Cakewalk Sonar 8.31 producer edition. Includes all dvds;sonar,
additional content, dimension pro, rapture le, native instruments
guitar rig, drop zone, and a bunch of other stuff.

Yamaha S90es 88 key graded hammer action digital piano with hundreds
of amazing sounds from the Motif as well as fantastic acoustic pianos
sampled only for this particular instrument! Fantastic condition,
never gigged!

Mint condition pocket sized Olympus LS-100 24 bit pcm/wave/mp3
recorder with talking feedback, kind of like a screen reader, two
internal microphones, two xlr combo jacks, one mini microphone jack,
very quiet clean preamps, two types of phantom power, sdhc card slot,
four gigs of internal storage, tactile controls for recording level
and playback volume, has tons of other features... Includes original
box, manual, battery, USB cable, wall charger, shoulder strap, and a
very nice carrying case. You can add up to sixty four gigs more via a
sdx or sdhc card... The recording quality is amazing and the preamps are
very quiet on this unit!

Seagate three terabyte desktop external hard drive with power adapter
and USB 3.0 cable. (It is backwards compatible if your machine does
not have a USB 3.0 port.)

Never gigged Emerald Guitars X20os acoustic/electric guitar, made in
Ireland, features include one piece all carbon fiber body and neck,
offset soundhole, goto tuners, 24 fret neck with stainless steel
frets, truss rod, Graphtech pins and saddle, active b band pickup and
preamp with volume, eq, tuner, and notch filter, two strap buttons
etc. This guitar is totally made of carbon, there is no wood at all on
this instrument! It sounds great, can be pushed very hard although it
handles dynamics very well, and because it is made entirely of carbon
fiber, it is never effected by temperature or humidity etc. It won't
warp or crack, you won't have finish checking from extreme cold, and
you won't have to pay for setups/neck adjustments because once you
setup this guitar, it stays that way no matter the season! You can
leave it in the trunk of the car in the desert, play it out in the
rain, put it in the cargo hold of a plane or train, get it wet at the
beach, and even leave it in a snowbank or use it as a canoe paddle!
(yes, those things were actually done when field testing the design.)
If the guitar gets liquid on it or rain, snow etc, all you need to do
is wipe it dry and give it a lite buffing with mirrorglaze, and it's
good as new! Includes a deluxe gig bag, or, a SKB tsa ata flight case
which is small and lite but very durable. These instruments are very
rare and need to be ordered months in advance as they are built in
small numbers.

Mint condition 2015 USA Godin LGXT solid body electric guitar with
black pearl high gloss finish, non locking vintage style trem, 24 fret
oil finished neck, locking tuners, two seemore Duncan hum buckers,
volume and tone pots, five way pickup selector with split coil
feature, bridge mounted piezo acoustic pickup with active seperat
preamp which features volume and eq, MIDI pickup with bank/patch
controls etc. You can use either of the three outputs, magnetic,
acoustic, and midi, on their own or routed tons of different ways like
to a guitar amp, pa mixer, sound dmodule, or audio interface etc. Mint
condition, never gigged, strung with 10s, and includes mint Gator tsa
ata flight case which is virtually indestructible.

Near mint Sheckter Stiletto custom four string solid body electric
bass with oil finish, EMG pickups, and active EQ circuit. Hard case or
gig bag included;it's your choice. The bass has low action and sounds

Mark of the unicorn 828MKII 24/96 firewire audio/midi interface, works
with mac or windows and is 64 bit compatible. (Great microphone
preamps and the drivers are rock solid!)

One unopened eight gig ram stick for eight or twelve core mac pro
desktop computers.

Mint condition Lifeproof waterproof/crushproof/dustproof case for the
first generation Apple iPad mini.

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