[Pibe-division] Limits in our field

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Dear Amy brush,
You don't mention your qualifications to provide this service, nor whether you are with a district or agency that provides vision services. If the student has health insurance with vision coverage I would encourage the family to seek a professional through their medical plan. If this is not at a school site then I am not sure what opinion I would offer. For schools services need to be based on an agreed upon plan through the IEP process or Section 504, otherwise you could leave yourself and/or agency open to litigation. Not knowing this information I would call the special education director for your best, most accurate information.

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I have been asked to work with a student, upon referral of an outside educational test, to work with a student on visual cueing systems and visually based cues for spelling words, mapping, etc.

While I know I can be helpful to this student, is this truly in our realm or am I overstepping the bounds of our limits in this way?  Should this be handled by the special educator or resource room teachers involved?

This child has no documented vision problem, but in the outside testing his visual perceptual skills were very limited.  Advice, please?

Many thanks, Amy
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