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Can anyone assist me? I need to know the conponents I should in an annual progress report to the CSE discussing progress of specific students. The students I teach are blind or visually impaired with additional disabilities with additional disabilities. The info I know that I must present is present level of performance, annual goals and short term objectives, service being provided, duration and frequency  of service and recommendations. I just have to add that my students are low functioning. The goals I am working are exploring things using tactual skills such as using one hand or both hands when student can use both hands, visual skills fixating on objects for 50=-10 seconds, tracking a moving objects horizxontally and vertically for 5-10  seconds. I have only one student that I can teach independent living skills using task analysis and modifications to [perform certain steps in a task. This student I am teaching how to wash and dry her hands. If any one has suggestions as to what to include an annual progress report regarding vision services please respond. Thanks 
Sara Rooz TVI in NYC
Just want to note to everyone that I work as an independent related service providerdr providing vision education services to a non-public svchool to students who have additional disabilities. I have to provide these reports to the CSE in the district the non-public school is located in. I have not received much at the school I work at. I will just state that when I was made aware if students IEPs and asked the school if an annual report for my students was needed with my annual goals and short term objectives, I was told no. I was only informed later after the cse meeting, that the CSE waupset that I did not write these annyual progress reports. I always write quarterly reports about the student and submit to the appropriate department wheen it is due, usually at the end of the school year. However, thise reports ask the teacher to check off boxes as to the skill one is currently on from the choices on the form, indicate ifthe level of inprovement via coded numbers and indicate comments on relevant dates. One has about two lines to write comments about each student. I also submit attendance recoreds each quarter to the appropriate department. I need sighted help with filling out these forms but I write all relevnt information about each student as I do my session. So it ie easy to fill out attendance forms and write quarterly reports. If anyone knows onf the components for an annual [rogress report that must bere included in the cse report regarding vision educationplease inform me. I plan to work on these reports tommorrow and submit them to the CSE as soon as possible.
Sara Rooz TVI
Thanks for reading and responding to this message if you do.
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