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Sandy Bishop sandra.bishop at gmail.com
Mon Mar 14 12:52:25 UTC 2016


I whole-heartedly agree that a blind TVI is an excellent option. While homeschooling, I hired a deaf-blind TVI to tutor my daughter. She likes having a teacher who is also a blind mentor. In a previous school year, the county schools did contract with this same deaf-blind TVI for my daughter to finish the last few weeks of school and ESY. The issue of transportation came up and I too felt that the school district could/should provide something as an accommodation. The local school Special Ed director agreed, but the word came down that transportation is not provided for school staff. How do you argue that it is a reasonable accommodation without getting shot down with the "if we do it for one, than we'd have to do it for others" reasoning. "Others" implying staff who can't drive for other, possibly less permanent reasons.


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