[Tall-Corn] Zip lining, go carting and advocacy

Terri Wilcox trising1943 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 18 23:37:43 UTC 2021


When I went back  to Michigan last week, I wanted to go zip lining
with my family. There was a place that combined multiple zip lines
with a ropes coarse. A family member bought tickets on Group on. Mom
called to make sure they would not have a problem with a blind person
coming to zip line. It took a couple days for the business to call her
back. The man said there  was no way I could do it. Mom said I was
adventurous and that they would help me through. The man proceeded to
yell at her. Mom said he was discriminating, and eventually hung up on
the man because he would not stop yelling at her. He said how dare she
say that to him and that they could not let someone in a wheelchair go
so it made sense that a blind person could not. Mom told him I had
working legs. Since we were not allowed to go, we tried to get Group
on to reimburse us. The family decided that if I was not welcome that
no one would spend their money at that business.

We also wanted to go go-carting. Several places would not let us go in
a double cart. There had to be a licensed driver. Another adult would
not fit in the cart. It was supposed to be an adult and a child. We
had done this many times before. I got in a cart with another adult so
that they could drive. How would you have handled these incidents?
Have any of you gone zip lining recently? Where and when and how much
was it? Did you have trouble gaining access to the zip line due to
blindness? Please let me know. It would be fun to go zip lining.

Thank you very much.

Terri Wilcox

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