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Kevan Worley kevanworley at blindmerchants.org
Fri Mar 13 15:50:44 UTC 2009

No one messes with Nicky and Noor!




National Association of Blind Merchants blasts away at economic downturn. We
won't let the negative nellys at news networks keep blind vendors, rehab
professionals, and SLA officials from receiving best quality, highest
caliber, Business Leadership and Superior Training. 


Our team has now negotiated a 1 week extension on the $94 room rates. There
are still rooms available at that rate through March 19. Act now because
there are a limited number. We have now added additional training and
presentations from the USPS and the DOD. Some committee chairs and vice
chairs plan to gather at 6pm Wednesday evening for an informal networking
roundtable. In recent days, a number of state agencies have obtained grants
to attend BLAST 09, including the exclusive (SLA's only) roundtable, chaired
by Terry Smith, Wednesday afternoon. A very few scholarships and small
stipends remain. Available for SLA's, blind vendors and blind individuals
seeking to become entrepreneurs. To be considered, please call 866-543-6808.


The leadership of the National Association of Blind Merchants is totally
committed to the idea that upward mobility training of a kind found only at
BLAST can truly benefit blind entrepreneurs. Therefore, we have also decided
to extend the pre-registration deadline. This will absolutely be the last
extension. Please go to www.blindmerchants.org
<http://www.blindmerchants.org/>  and register. You must first make your
hotel room reservation to maximize your registration savings. Call the hotel
at 877-640-7666. Go to www.blindmerchants.org
<http://www.blindmerchants.org/> , take your hotel confirmation number with
you, and if you do this by March 19 the $200 registration fee is reduced to


I urge you to share this information with all of your vendors, your
colleagues, and those who might have interest in business development as
their vocation. Rehab counselors and their clients may also have an
interest. We will be talking about basics of business, franchise
opportunities, customer service, and many other topics which are important
to all small business owners, in or out of Randolph-Sheppard. 


Check out the agenda, www.blindmerchants.org
<http://www.blindmerchants.org/> . We will be adding some new items to the
agenda posted on the website by very early next week.


Thanks to Nicky Gacos and Noor Allain for their persuasive negotiation and
thanks to our corporate sponsors for providing funding which will allow us
to provide scholarships and extend the pre-registration deadline. BLAST
participants: at BLAST, please go to the tradeshow. At the show, and other
events, please make it a point to thank all of our sponsors. 


Don't be left out. We're going for the green flag at 2009 BLAST of
Indianapolis. It all kicks off at noon on Wednesday, April 1, with our 2nd
annual Randolph-Sheppard transformation discussion luncheon, $35. There are
other special events and excursions. You can register and pay online for
these extras at www.blindmerchants.org <http://www.blindmerchants.org/> .
The casino trip for $35 and the winery excursion and luncheon for $55 are
already filling up fast. Join your friends and colleagues for a BLAST. 


Special thanks to the Indiana Association of Blind Merchants and especially
the Indiana Business Enterprise Program staff. You guys are the best! Many
airlines have announced some new lower fares in recent days. There's still
time for you to plan to have a BLAST.


See you there!


At Your Service, 

Kevan Worley


National Association of Blind Merchants

(866) 543-6808


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