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Subject: Transportation Update: Bill Voted out of Committee


Good afternoon,


This morning the Senate EPW committee voted 18 - 0 to pass the surface
transportation reauthorization bill out of committee. The bill had no
provisions dealing with the commercialization of federal highway rest areas.
There was, however, one amendment of note. Senator Sanders of Vermont had an
amendment accepted that requires the Secretary of Transportation to conduct
a study on the deployment of electric charging stations across the country.
This is something we will monitor moving forward.


While the bill has passed out of committee, we are not certain of the
timeline for consideration on the floor of the Senate. As you know, it is
still very possible that the commercialization issue come up as an amendment
on the floor. We will remain vigilant as the bill continues through the
legislative process, and we will keep you informed of all developments.
Please be prepared to conduct outreach to Senators if an amendment hits.


Thank you all for your continued attention to this issue.


I will be back in touch as the situation warrants.


Take care,




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