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If you belong to the Travel & Tourism, Vendtalk and Jobs list, you might get this information more than once. I do apologize.
What is CLIA and why is it important to have a Travel Profesional a member of CLIA

Many of you have called and asked me, how do I become a travel agent or work for a travel professional.
Well I am here to educate you, I also have a blog on echevarriatravel.wordpress.com, which I have started posting some information for you as someone who may want to go into this business or for those that want to look out for when planning for travel and when you are searching for a travel professional to help you, either way it is there for you to read.
For those of you have asked, even those who have been looking into legitimate work from home business, this is totally legit.
Many have asked, do I need a college education to become a travel professional or even to have a license to be one.
In both cases no, but a side to that is this, and this applies to any business you are looking into.
First now something about the business world, I do have a number of years including graduating from Nassau Community College with a Major in Culinary Arts, and a minor in Business.
I am not a professional chef, but definitely the business education came in handy.
You should definitely know about Geography not inside and out, but you should definitely know your 50 states all 7 Continents, and a few of the countries that you are interested in.
Example: Make sure if you love Italy, that it is in Europe, in the Northern Hemisphere and they speak Italian and English.
Believe me some people call me up and they want to go to Peru and think it is next to Spain and not in South America.
Today I am talking about CLIA - Cruise Lines International Association, why a travel professional should be a member any why a client would want to use you over the Online Booking Engines like Travelocity or Expedia or another Travel Professional that isn't part of them.
This is from my blog that I posted today.You hear me posting in a lot of my writing about CLIA it stands for Cruise Lines International Association, what is it and why is it important when using and looking for a travel professional.
The nonprofit Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is North America’s largest global cruise industry organization in terms of cruise line, industry suppliers, and travel agency membership. CLIA represents the interests of member cruise lines, 100 Executive Partners and more than 14,000 Travel agencies. CLIA participates in the regulatory and policy development process while supporting measures that foster a safe, secure and healthy cruise ship environment. CLIA’s Executive Partner program includes strategic relationships between key cruise industry suppliers and organizations, cruise lines, ports and shipyards and provides interaction with governmental agencies such as Homeland Security, EPA, CBP, US Coast Guard, and the FBI. In 2011, CLIA member lines carried over 16 million passengers, and forecast a passenger total of 17+ million in 2012. At the same time the industry continues to commit to the future, with 14 new ships in 2012, and another 10 new ships on order in 2013-2015, for a total new vessel investment of more than $22 billion in the 2011-2015 time frame. It is increasingly important to work together with our partners, and work on the strength of the industry. The member lines of CLIA have collectively experienced an average annual growth of more that 7 percent since 1980 Created - July 7, 1975, by approval of the U.S. Federal Maritime Commission. The International Council of Cruise Lines (ICCL) merged with CLIA and adopted the CLIA name in January 2007. Membership - 26 Cruise Lines that represent over 97 percent of the cruise capacity marketed in North America 14,000+ travel agencies and agent members Approximately 100 Executive Partners, important strategic industry suppliers and ports Office - 
Cruise Lines International Association910 SE 17th St., Suite 400Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316Telephone: (754) 224-2200Fax: (754) 224-2250Website:www.cruising.org Designed for consumer, travel agent and press inquiries, CLIA’s Web site is considered the Internet’s most comprehensive cruise travel resource.
Featured are profiles of member cruise lines, answers to the most-often asked questions on cruising, a locator for names of CLIA-member travel agencies and travel agent associates, news releases on the latest news in the cruise industry, links to CLIA member lines and a destination guide showcasing hundreds of worldwide ports of call. CLIA-member agencies have exclusive access to the CLIA Travel Agent Center which provides the latest training and sales information. Also, member agencies and associates receive a free listing and specialty profile in the travel agency locator section; this search feature enables consumers to find their nearest CLIA-member agency and certified Cruise Counselor. Now that is who CLIA!
So why is it important for a person looking for a Travel Professional or someone going into the Travel Profession to make sure they have it, over going through the Online Booking Engines. Being a travel agent, particularly who is affiliated with Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), is the best way for my traveler’s best resource for planning a cruise vacation! I joined CLIA for sales and cruise product training, for information on current cruise vacation trends and to be kept informed by CLIA’s 25 member cruise lines on cruise news and special offers. By me being a CLIA affiliate I have chosen to specialize in cruise vacations and, by doing so, I am especially qualified in helping you choose the perfect cruise and getting you the best vacation value. Also being a CLIA affiliated agency I take advantage of many CLIA programs in order to better serve my customers including: Attending up to 19 three-hour CLIA classroom training programs. Viewing up to 15 CLIA training videos/DVD’sCompleting up to 24 CLIA’S internet based training coursesStudying the CLIA cruise vacation textbookAttending CLIA’s advanced training academy – The CLIA Institute, at Cruise3sixtyAttending CLIA endorsed cruise conference for training seminars and familiarization with cruise lines and cruise ships. Such as my PHD at Sea Certification through Norwegian Cruise Lines and my University of WOW which Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and many of the others out there as well. And I am very proud to be a CLIA Certified Cruise Counselor. Earning the designation of an Accredited Cruise Counselor and working to get my Master Cruise Counselor Certification, I have spent many hours and have completed a rigorous curriculum of cruise sales training and have personally sailed, or inspected, a wide variety of cruise ships. By working with me, a CLIA Certified Cruise Counselor, you can be confident that many of the cruise vacations I have recommend are based on personal experience. So no you do not need to go to college or trade schools to be a travel agent, the resources out there including by not limited to the Association of CLIA, will give you enough to help you to know the industry and help your clients as well.
I will post more. But read the blog as well.
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