[vendtalk] vending

shiffon sgray59 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 24 22:14:05 UTC 2012


My thoughts on the vending issue.  I'm a former vendor and I have some
insights that I believe will promote better accountability for the SLA's and
their various departments that provide the training. I think that first
there need to be a revamping of the entire training system for vendors. I
believe the reason why so many vendors are leaving is due to the fact that
they are not properly trained through the SLA's.  What I mean by that is
that some of the training is based on things that may not apply to today's
standards of marketing and maintain a business. I believe that there needs
to be training on writing a business plan knowing the various tax laws for a
business that would apply to today's standards, as well as learning how   to
network with other business leaders and or business events so that people
can really get an idea of what the real world so-to-speak is looking for in
what they have to offer as well as how to advance in ones leadership skills
after you have completed the training. I think new vendors do not adequately
know what they are really getting into and they get overwhelmed by it all.
Thus   they leave due to lack of knowledge on running a business or not
fully aware of the responsibility it takes to run a business. You never stop
learning and you never stop networking. I think it is important to network
with other business owners outside of the blindness community of vendors for
lack of a better way of putting it 

I do want to end this by saying the vending program is really a great
program for one who is desiring to start a business this was a stepping
stone for me to advance my knowledge in running and owning a business 


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