[blindkid] Natural Reader 9.0 and shoe tying

Amber Hall ahall238 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 2 00:00:35 UTC 2009

Hello,everyone! I had a question about shoe tying. My daught has had a
really hard time tying her shoes. She'll be 8 in November, and she
can't seem to get past the crossing them over and tightening them up.
I've tried a shoebox with a shoe string laced on it. I've tried her
sitting on my lap. And so far nothing has helped. Can anyone give me
some tips or help me with this problem? 
I also wanted to ask if
anyone knew anything about the Natural Reader 9.0 text to speech
program. They are wanting to put that on the computer my daughter uses
at school. I don't really know too much about that kind of thing. But
when I googled it the info. I read didn't really impress me. If anyone
has any good or bad things to say about Natural Reader  or reasons why other programs would be better let me know. Thank You so much.


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