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Marianne Denning marianne at denningweb.com
Fri Dec 20 01:19:49 UTC 2013

I hope someone will consider offering their home to this student.  We
currently have a blind student from the Philippines who is sponsored
through the same program.  We would gladly take her into our home but
we have some challenges with our school district.  If you are
interested in having an exchange student and have some questions about
hosting a blind exchange student please feel free to contact me off
list.  I would have been thrilled to be an exchange student when I was
in high school but that was not an option then.  I hope our blind
American students will consider living in another country for a
semester or year.  Doors keep opening and the NFB helps open those
doors.  We don't only open them for the U.S, but our work spreads
around the world.

On 12/19/13, David Andrews <dandrews at visi.com> wrote:
>>Hi David,
>>I hope you can help me with some info about your NFB group and
>>whether you might be able to help us to find a home for an exchange
>>student, who is hoping to come to the USA on a Dept of State
>>scholarship in Jan and stay through June. We have been searching
>>unsuccessfully since Oct to find her a host family in a place where
>>the school will accept her. This is made more difficult by the fact
>>that she is blind. Although the school will be reimbursed for any
>>extra cost the schools unfortunately are allowed to turn down
>>students on J-1 visa's. I'm hoping that you might know of schools,
>>anywhere in the country, that would welcome an international student
>>that is blind and maybe a family that has a blind student of their
>>own willing to enrich their lives by hosting her. We have tried and
>>have run out of ideas for finding her a family and I found your
>>website and thought maybe, just maybe, you could help us spread the
>>word and find this girl a spot. Since schools will be closed for hte
>>holidays very soon and she arrives in very early Jan. time is of the
>> essence.
>>Thanks for any help you might offer and I'm sorry I didn't try
>>searching support for the blind sooner.
>>I attached some info on her that you ca forward and I copied the
>>staff of AFS who are also working on this. The website below has
>>info about AFS Intercultural programs and what we do.
>>Robbin Lang
>>AFS Northern Illinois Team
>>Volunteer Hosting Coordinator
>>630-879-3851 Home 630-346-4320 cell
>>robbinlang at ameritech.net
>>Meet More Students by entering your zip code: www.afsusa.org/host-family

Marianne Denning, TVI, MA
Teacher of students who are blind or visually impaired
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