[BlindKid] New Podcast for Blind Parents

mary Jo Hartle mjhartle23 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 11 16:51:54 UTC 2018

Everyday Blind Parents is a podcast designed by blind parents for blind
parents. Whether you are a parent now, plan to be in the future, or are just
interested in learning how someone with a vision disability could care for
children, this podcast is for you. We discuss tips, tricks, and stratagies
for dealing with everyday parenting challenges with alternative techniques.
>From overcoming societal perceptions, tackling hard situations, or just
figuring out what type of gear works for you, this podcast is sure to offer
something of value to your parenting experience


Check it out at the show website:  www.everydayblindparents.libsyn.com
<http://www.everydayblindparents.libsyn.com>  or visit the ituens page at
You can also subscribe via your regular podcast and RSS feeds.  


Please email us questions and feedback, including future topics you'd like
to see addressed  at everydayblindparents at gmail.com
<mailto:everydayblindparents at gmail.com>  



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