[nfb-talk] Independent Living Skills

Roanna Bacchus rbacchus228 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 7 13:09:18 UTC 2014

Dear Members,

This weekend I have been thinking about the importance of 
learning independent living skills.  Sometimes people do not 
expect that blind people can perform certain tasks independently 
without help or sighted assistance.  For the last several years 
my mom and older sisters have helped me to complete certain 
tasks.  Last week my dad and I walked into Subway on the UCF 
campus so I could get some lunch before taking an exam.  I 
ordered my own sandwich independently and was able to tell the 
person behind the counter what I wanted on it.  Recently I've 
also been heating up my lunch in the microwave that has velcro 
labels on it.  I'd like to hear your stories about practicing and 
learning independent living skills.  Why do you thinking learning 
independent living skills is important.

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