[nfb-talk] Glass and ceramics in the kitchenand the blind

Bill Outman woutman at earthlink.net
Sat Mar 31 21:16:46 UTC 2018

I thought this was a settled issue, but apparently it isn't even in my own
family.  It is coming up because I broke botu a ceramic mug and glass cup
while washing and putting away dishes this week.  Even though my mom has a
live in partner who is also totally blind who she met through me, she feels
it is unsafe for me to have such items in my kitchen, being concerned about
the difficulty I may have cleaning up the broken items.  I also have type 2
diabetes, and she is concerned I might step on something broken with bare


Mom says she would be just as concerned about sighted people having glass or
ceramics, but ZI still feel the comments are overprotective.  


Thouths, please.  


Happy Easter for those who celebrate that.  


Bill Outman 



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