[BlindMath] Thu 23 Mar: TeX Hour: Typst and Unlatex: 7:30pm GMT

Jonathan Fine jfine2358 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 19:44:14 UTC 2023


Tomorrow we look at two new projects in technical typsetteing. They both
have production of HTML and accessibile outputs as a central goal.

The TeX Hour is Thursday 23 March 6:30 to 7:30pm GMT.  The Zoom URL is
UK not yet daylight saving time. Here's the UK time now: https://time.is/UK

The first is Typst, which uses a modern input syntax and a Rust core to
create a tool that will be easier to use. I learnt about it from a post to
the BlindMath mailing list.

The second, if time allows, is my own Unlatex project., where I'll report
recent progress and discuss emerging goals and opportunities.

It's a big world and there's plenty of room for multiple projects. The more
they share, the better things will be.

wishing you happy LaTeXing, Unlatexing and Typsting


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